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4-part strategy

The 4-part strategy of the Tutor/Mentor Connection is outlined in this concept map.  It shows that we aim to recruit leadership and communications teams in businesses, colleges, hospitals and civic/social organizations.  These teams will act as intermediaries, connecting people they know, to tutor/mentor programs, and to information related to where and why these programs are most needed.

The Lawyers Lending a Hand to Youth Program, sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association, is an example of what such teams can accomplish.

As these teams form, we aim to help them teach members of their networks to use the Internet, and the T/MC PROGRAM LOCATOR and INTERACTIVE MAP to determine what (if any) tutor/mentor programs are in specific zip codes of the Chicago region so they can shop and choose where and how they want to get involved.

Using the information on the Program Locator, potential volunteers and donors, as well as parents, teachers and social workers, can contact a program to offer your services as a volunteer and donor, or to register a student.  

In addition to the Program Locator, we maintain a web page with Chicago Area Program Links. Here you can find links to organizations in the region with web sites. If you operate a tutor/mentor program, but  your web site is not listed, you an register to use the web site and then add your own program to the links library.

As school starts each year, we and partners in business and non profits will attempt to create a greater public awareness, that will draw more potential volunteers to the Program Locator, and to different tutor/mentor programs throughout the city and suburbs.

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