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Workforce Development

The articles in this section are intended to illustrate how volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs serve many important and strategic benefits to different industry sectors.

Our aim is that leaders from every slice of this leadership pie become owners of the strategies on this web site and in these essays.



Case for Strategic Business Investment and Employee Involvement

    The Tutor/Mentor Connection Logic Model

Creating Network of Purpose, Creating a Network of Purpose – The Tutor/Mentor Connection

Tutor/Mentor Connection’s Theory of Change

Tipping Points - actions that would lead to create change


  1. What will it take to assure that all youth now living in poverty are entering careers by age 25? A Workforce Development Strategy
  2. Why Business Involvement? Review concept map #1; map #2
  3. Tutor/Mentor Connection – Case for Business Involvement
  4. The T/M Connection - a Retail Business Model- Virtual Corporate Office
  5. Concept maps used to visualize "workforce development" strategy
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