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Forming a Tutor/Mentor Connection on a College Campus

Create a Tutor/Mentor Connection Team at your college or university

All of the information shared on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site is the result of one small non profit in Chicago making a commitment to help increase the availability of mentor-rich non-school tutoring, mentoring and learning programs in all high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago.

Imagine how much greater the impact could be over the next five, 10 and 15 years if this strategy were led buy teams of students, faculty, alumni and community partners, hosted at multiple universities in a metropolitan area like Chicago.

View this presentation, which proposes the formation of such teams.  Email tutormentor 2 at earthlink dot net to explore ways to launch such a strategy on your campus.

Role of Leaders - can you take this role?

Essays in this section are roles leaders in business, religion, health care, universities and politics might take to support the growth of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs  in all high poverty areas.

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Maximizing Value from Civic Engagement, A Consulting Role PDF

T/MC: A Virtual Corporate Office Business Model PDF

Tutor/Mentor Programs as a  Workforce Development strategy

Leadership Hub - point to places where others can become involved

Leadership Strategies

For great programs to reach youth in more places we need to influence what leaders and resource providers do, not just what non profit leaders do. Read more.

Business must take the lead

Every year the major papers have headlines reporting that 75% of Chicago elementary schools were being put on a "watch list" because of poor student learning performance. Editorials call for more accountability. Business leaders call for better results. However, few are calling for more accountability from our business, professional and media leaders.

However, the chart on this blog article shows that while parents, educators, tutor/mentor programs and others are "PUSHING" youth to careers, we need industry to "PULL", using their employee-volunteers, their jobs, their technology, and their dollars. We need "scorecards" that show which businesses, faith groups, hospitals and universities are doing better than others.

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