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Business Involvement in Pulling Kids through School and into Jobs -  Links Section of Tutor/Mentor Library

The links in this section of the library show what some companies are doing to encourage employee involvement
and use company resources to help tutor/mentor and learning programs grow in more places, and help
those programs support kids as they move from 1st grade to jobs and careers. These links are "research" 
anyone can use to constantly improve the impact of their own actions.  The site where this information has been
hosted is now only available as an archive.


This graphic show three time frames where youth need support
as they move through school toward adult lives and jobs. While
teachers, mentors and parents might "push" kids to made good
decisions business can help provide mentors and age-appropriate
learning resources that "pull" kids toward jobs and careers.

View this graphic in this Role of Leaders pdf

The links below are sub-categories in this section of the library.


Workforce Development links - click here

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Diversity & Inclusion Strategies - click here

Business School Connections - click here


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