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March 2022 - Issue 220
Learning Resources for Anyone Helping Youth Living in High Poverty Areas
As I write this month's newsletter my attention is divided between work needed in Chicago and other places to help kids living in high poverty areas and the tragedy unfolding in the Ukraine, which is only the most recent conflict that is causing extreme suffering in different parts of the world.

This newsletter focuses on sharing resources from a web library that I've built since the mid 1990s. It includes ideas that help build and sustain mentor-rich, volunteer-based youth programs that reach K-12 youth in high poverty neighborhoods. It also includes articles and research about race, poverty and inequality.

Take a look. Please share with your friends and family.
Use this newsletter as a study guide.
The ideas and resources shared in this monthly newsletter point to a library of resources that can be used by anyone, in Chicago, or around the world, to help mentor-rich youth programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

The section of the library that focuses on community building, knowledge management, maps and visualization may provide useful information for helping you understand the conflicts and challenges we face.

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Upcoming Virtual Events
Join iMentor Chicago for an open and candid panel conversation about mentoring Chicago's young women of color and their unique experiences. Students and mentors from iMentor Chicago, Chicago Scholars and Youth Guidance's WOW will be featured on the panel.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 6-8 pm. You can register to attend in person, or for the virtual presentation.

Visit this link to sign up.
To&Through Data Collaborative - virtual event, March 22, 2-3PM CDT.
Presenters on behalf of A Better Chicago, Thrive Chicago, and the Chicago Public Education Fund will share an in-progress Youth Opportunity Index that aims to track and report a set of cradle-to-careers and resource-access metrics. The metrics map across the city of Chicago and are disaggregated by demographic and socioeconomic factors.
Free webinar - Edward DeJesus: Social Capital for Youth Economic Mobility. April 1, 2022 @ 4:00 - 5:30 PM. Edward DeJesus is the Founder of Social Capital Builders, a minority owned social enterprise dedicated to changing the face of equity and access for youth and adults living in America's low-income communities through the power of social capital literacy, development and analysis. Follow him on Twitter @Socialcapital01
Resource Library: Tutor and/or Mentor Programs in Chicago
Support local programs
This section of the Tutor/Mentor Library includes links to volunteer-based tutor and/or mentor programs throughout the Chicago region, along with other types of youth serving programs that focus on arts, STEM, computers, etc.

Visit websites. Get to know different programs. Find ways to help with time, talent and dollars.
Build Digital Access to Support Digital Learning
In this Tweet the Christensen Institute points to a new article about Digital Learning and points to new models of formal learning.
Covid 19 has already shown the huge gaps in health care and economic opportunity between rich and poor as well as the different learning opportunities available.

Visit these articles on the Tutor/Mentor blog and review the resources I've been aggregating about the Digital Divide, Digital Learning and Digital Access.

These articles are intended to support Digital Learning of Volunteers who connect with youth in tutor/mentor programs. They can be advocates who help bring greater digital access to these kids and families if programs make an effort to educate them continuously.
Shout Out To
HOPE Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust, the Field Foundation of Chicago and the To&Through Project at the University of Chicago for the good work each is doing to help Chicago's most vulnerable kids.

Visit this Tutor/Mentor blog article to read more.
Mentoring Connections over Many Years
This article on the Tutor/Mentor blog shows some of the connections made between Chicago youth and adult volunteers in the programs I led between 1975 and 2011. These reinforce my belief in the value of well-organized, on-going programs and why I encourage volunteers and donors to support them.

That's myself in 1974 and 2014 with Leo Hall.
Below are resources to use to help youth in your community.
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Resources & Announcements

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