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February 2022 - Issue 208
Help K-12 youth in High Poverty Areas
While February is Black History Month, study of race and inequality in the USA should be a year-round effort, focusing on all racial and religious minorities.

As I do every month, this newsletter focuses on sharing resources from a web library that I've built since the mid 1990s. It includes ideas that help build and sustain mentor-rich, volunteer-based youth programs that reach K-12 youth in high poverty neighborhoods. It also includes articles and research about race, poverty and inequality.
Take a look. Please share with your friends and family.
Use this newsletter as a study guide.

The ideas and resources shared in this monthly newsletter point to a library of resources that can be used by anyone, in Chicago, or around the world, to help mentor-rich youth programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

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Use Resources from January Mentoring Summit
I participated in this year's virtual Mentoring Summit with about 2000 other people and shared some of what I was learning with Tweets on Twitter and in an article on my blog.

In my blog I highlighted work done in Nebraska to understand the mentoring sector.

I also pointed to a new resource titled "Becoming a Better Mentor" which can be found at this link.

In addition I highlighted eMentoring lessons from ICouldBe.org, Finally, I encouraged other participants to share what they learned via their own blogs and to connect on social media.
Resource Library: Race, Poverty, Inequality
Use year-round
This section of the Tutor/Mentor Library has links focused on poverty, inequality, social justice, prevention, housing and community development, gangs and more. It has 8 sub categories.

When you open any sub category link you'll find a list of websites, in alphabetical order.

These are in list format, so you'll need to scroll through to know what's there. I add new links often.
Chicago Area Tutor and/or Mentor Programs are seeking volunteers
At this time each year tutor/mentor programs are seeking new volunteers to replace those who dropped out over the holidays. Browse the list of Chicago area programs that include various forms of volunteer-based tutoring and/or mentoring at this link.

These are organized by the section of the city or suburbs where the organization is located.
These programs also need dollars and tech support. Look for ways to help them grow.
Building Comprehensive AfterSchool Programs
In this Tweet the Afterschool Alliance shared a graphic that visualizes elements that make a comprehensive afterschool program.
I included it in this blog article, along with a graphic I've used to visualize elements of a comprehensive, on-going, tutor/mentor program.

These resources need to be used by leaders of individual youth programs. However, they also need to be used by policy makers, donors, volunteers, businesses, colleges and others, who need to be proactive in helping high quality, comprehensive youth programs reach k-12 youth in EVERY high poverty neighborhood.

It's not just the responsibility of youth program leaders and educators to help kids to careers.
Take a Tour of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Resource Library
Here are three resources to help you understand what's available on the www.tutormentorexchange.net website and in the resource library that's hosted on the site:

Resource Library
- shown on Google Slides - click here

Tour of website
- shown on SlideShare - click here

Strategy Map
- Commitment needed from many leaders - shown on Google Slides - click here
Create your own version of this strategy map and apply it to your own city or state. Please share it with me if you do.
Community-Building Resources
Helping youth in every high poverty area of Chicago or any other place requires the work of many people, from many sectors. This is "movement building" and requires talented, well funded, persistent leaders.

In this Tweet I point to an article that talks about tools that can be used to measure movement growth and improve it over time. Follow the links and read the articles.

This is one of several hundred resources that can be used to build support for any cause, not just youth development, which you can find in this section of the web library.
Below are resources to use to help youth in your community.
Recent Tutor/Mentor Blog articles:

Mentoring Summit blog article - click here

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Complex Problems: Helping Kids from Birth to Work - click here

Celebrate Dr. King's vision - adopt this commitment - click here

Building a Super Bowl of Support for Youth Serving Organizations - click here

Sharing vision using Wakelet to share stories - click here

Bookmark these Tutor/Mentor Resources

* Resource Library - click here

* Strategy PDFs by Tutor/Mentor - click here

* Concept Map library - click here

* Mapping for Justice blog - click here

* Work done by interns - click here

* Digital Divide resources - click here

* Blogs I follow using Inoreader - click here
Resources & Announcements

* National Mentoring Partnership, resources - click here

* Brookings Metro - follow on Twitter - click here

* Polished Pebbles - "Closing the HOPE Gap". click here

* The Chicago Community Trust on Twitter - click here

* Chicago Mentoring Collaborative - click here

* MyChiMyFuture - City of Chicago - visit site and find map of activities for youth - click here

* Chicago Public Schools locator map - click here

* Chicago Health Atlas - click here

* Strengthening Chicago Youth website, click here;  blog - click here

* To & Through Project website - click here

* Thrive Chicago collaboration - click here

* Chicago Learning Exchange - click here

* Incarceration Reform Resource Center - click here

* AfterSchool Alliance - resource center - click here

* ChiHackNight - remote civic technology meet-up; every Tuesday in Chicago - see weekly agenda

* Chicago Youth Serving Organizations in Intermediary Roles - click here
Thank you for reading. Thank you for contributions.
About this newsletter.

While I try to send this only once a month, I write blog articles weekly. Throughout the newsletter I post links to a few of the articles published in the past month or earlier. I encourage you to spend a little time each week reading these articles and following the links. Use the ideas and presentations in group discussions with other people who are concerned about the same issues.

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