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Many of the ideas that we share are in the form of pdf essays that were originally created using Power Point.  Many of the graphics and maps are included in blog articles to illustrate strategies that we hope others will support and/or adopt.  

Since 2005 interns from different universities have been converting some of these to flash animations, which help viewers build a better understanding of volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring programs, and the information that is shared by the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC. Please view these and apply the ideas. Share the presentations in your network. Invite students in your own school, college or tutor/mentor program to create their own interpretations.

NOTE: some of the projects below are created using When viewing the presentation click in the lower right corner of the image area and you can create a 'full screen' view.

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Steps for setting up a program and infrastructure needed. This graphic is from an animation done by Sam Lee, an IIT Intern.
This 2011 video shows the animation. See the presentation as part of this 2017 video.


View Presentation on Volunteering & Service, also created by Sam Lee in 2011


An introduction to Tutor/Mentor Connection
Project by Mina Song, completed in June. 2012.  click here

step 1
Four-Part Strategy - Part 1
2012 presentation by Mina Song

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step 2

Four-Part Strategy - Part 2
2012 presentation by Mina Song

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step 3

Four-Part Strategy - Part 3
2012 presentation by Mina Song

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Fourstep 4-Part Strategy - Part 4
2012 presentation by Mina Song

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ENOUGH is ENOUGH,visualization by Cho In Hee, based on this Tutor/Mentor blog article.   Click here to view the animation


How athletes can take the lead, animation by Minsub Lee

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Ning SNA

Growth of network on
from 2007 to May 2012. by Mina Song

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Network Analysis Report by Chul Wan Park

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program locator

Introduction of Tutor/Mentor Program
Locator by Taeho Ko
University of Michigan Spring Break Intern.

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