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Feb 2021 T/M eNews
February 2021 - Issue 197
Maps. Social Capital. Birth-to-Work
In this month's newsletter I focus on maps, birth-to-work program design, social capital theory and relationships as desired outcomes.

I've provided links to pages and articles where I hope you'll explore these ideas more deeply and engage others in conversation about where and how the ideas might be applied.

If you are writing about these strategies on blogs or in program websites, please share the link with me on one of the social media platforms I point to.
Use this newsletter as a study guide.

The ideas and resources shared in this monthly newsletter point to a library of resources that can be used by anyone, in Chicago, or around the world, to help mentor-rich youth programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

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Birth to Work - 12 years and longer

While many focus on the actions of a mentor or of a tutor I focus on how these actions need to repeat for many years to help a youth living in a high poverty area move safely through school and into adult lives, with a job/career that enables her to raise her own kids free of poverty.

This Tutor/Mentor Pinterest page shows many of my #birthtowork graphics and pages where I've used them in articles.
Maps - point to ALL places where help needed

I've been using maps since 1993 to focus attention and resources to all of the high poverty areas of the Chicago region, which is where thousands of youth need expanded networks and support to help them through school and into adult lives.

By identifying existing programs in these areas we can point resource providers to them. By showing areas without programs we can help mobilize resources to fill the voids.

View map stories herehere and here.
Total Quality Mentoring chart from 1990s is a hub and spokes design
Social Capital - Who you know. Relationships Matter.

I was able to participate in the January National Mentoring Summit and found many of the workshops and panels to be useful. I pointed to some in this blog article.

Two workshops focused on social capital and relationships as necessary goals and outcomes for youth tutor/mentor programs. The graphic at the right visualizes the goal of connecting youth to adults from many backgrounds who can model opportunities, open doors, and provide aid and coaching as youth make this journey.

Read more, herehere and here.
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