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Since 1993 we have collected and shared information about why tutor/mentor programs are needed and where
they are needed most, and how people can build strong programs in all high poverty areas of the Chicago area,
that operate in the non-school hours, on weekends and on the Internet.  The site where this information has been
hosted is now only available as an archive. The links are being moved to this site.


This concept map shows the research section of the library.
Under each node is a link to a sub-section and list of links.

Click the links below to find sub categories within this part of the library.

If you find broken links send information to tutormentor 2 at earthlink.net

New links will be added on a regular basis.



Many of the links in these sub-sections point to universities and other organizations who are collecting information
and focusing on these issues. On their websites you'll find even more relevant information.

Education Research and Articles - click here

Drop-out Crisis Research and Articles - click here

Mentoring and Tutoring Research and Articles - click here

Health Disparities Research and Articles - click here

Social Capital Research and Articles - click here

Policy Research and Articles - click here

Additional Research-re: education, youth development - click here

Misc Links of interest - click here

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