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Collaboration, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Visualization Links Section of Tutor/Mentor Library

While most information in this library focuses on helping kids in poverty areas the links in this section of the library
can be used by anyone, in business, education, non-profits, etc. to build community coalitions and solve complex
problems.  The site where this information has been hosted is now only available as an archive.


This graphic points to a range of information people need to 
know and understand in order to help kids in poverty areas
move more successfully and safely from birth-to-work. The
links in this part of the library come from businesses, as well
as non-profits. 

The links below are sub-categories in this section of the library.

If you find broken links send information to tutormentor 2 at earthlink.net

Collaboration, Community Building - click here

Concept maps, Visualization - click here

Creativity, Knowledge Management - click here

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping - click here

Process Improvement, Evaluation - click here

Marketing, Communications - click here

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