Navigation of web site

To help you navigate the site, we've numbered sections of the home page on this graphic.

1) this is a progression of steps you should take to better understand issues, build a geographic distribution of resources and programs, involved leadership from all sectors, start new programs where needed, etc.

2) this is a list of links to other web sites we host with additional information

3) these are links to blog articles that connect the information on the web site to current events and attempt to build greater support for tutor/mentor programs in more places

4) the menu bar at the top of the page points to information spread throughout the site, and to visualizations done by interns to help build a better understanding of our strategies

5) this points to a list of Chicago tutor/mentor programs where you can volunteer time or talent; and to pages where you can offer support for helping continue the work being done by Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.

6) this section includes history, mission, planning resources, etc.

7-9) The middle section of the web site will be refreshed regularly to focus on some of the ideas contained in the sections along either side of the home page. Once you browse through the site and the links you'll see that this web site provides a wide range of information in many different sections. It may be difficult for first-time visitors to know where to start, or what to look for.

View this video to help you navigate this site,  created by an intern from South Korea and IIT in Chicago

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