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Why use OHATS?

OHATS can be used to fulfill one or multiple purpose.  Some of these are described here.

History & Knowledge Database:

Social welfare and grassroots efforts often lack resources (time, money, skills) and stable staffing to create habits and use tools to regularly examine what they do in a way that leads to useful discovery and program improvement. In most community organizations intelligence and wisdom stay and die with individuals and organizations. This hurts not only individual organizations and their stakeholders, but also entire community efforts that are sustained through collaboration and exchange. The absence of useful tools to track and reflect on progress leads many community organizations and initiatives to repeat preventable problems, struggle to identify their needs, lessons and best practices, and to share them with peers, and be unable to demonstrate neither daily impact, nor cumulative impact over years of service. These problems weaken all community work, and contribute to the extinction of organizations and community improvement initiatives.

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