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Notification sent to the T/MC

Following is text of the notification sent to the T/MC

This is an e-mail to let you know that your idea (for computer mapping to effectively distribute charitable services) not only made it into this year's Global Ideas Book (www.globalideasbank.org) but was also one of 18 nominees for our annual Social Innovation Awards.

Though it did not win one of the 6 awards (see more details here: www.globalideasbank.org, this is a great achievement in itself. It also gets you an invite to our event on November 2nd to celebrate the award-winners, the book and social invention in general.

Your idea/project has been included in our new compendium of ideas, the 300 page 'The Global Ideas Book' which the Institute for Social Inventions sends out annually to its members and subscribers, and sells online.

The book features summaries of all the most imaginative, interesting and potentially transformative ideas and schemes for improving the quality of life that have been notified to the Institute by its network of members and correspondents around the world during the previous 12 months.

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