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Understanding OHATS

OHATS TMC website was originally built in 2000 then rebuilt in 2007. The new version was used until 2015 when the site began to not work properly. It has been off line since 2018.   

The original version of OHATS is available on the Internet Archive.  You can not only read the description, but on the left, you can open links to one page that shows the data-entry form and the type of information we were collecting, and to another page that shows actions that had been documented.  This video reviews information in this 2002 PDF. See discussion of sections of OHATS on the T/MC Ning forum

Using this 2001 archive, and the descriptions of the news site that are in this section of this website, anyone could create their own version of a OHATS.

View the archived version of the 2007 OHATS.

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