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Additional Youth Serving Programs

Learn from other youth serving programs

When forming the Tutor/Mentor Connection in 1993 we wanted to help existing programs constantly
improve and new program start where needed.

To support that effort we began building a library of existing Chicago non-school, volunteer-based, tutoring and/or mentoring
programs and we began collecting links to other types of learning programs in Chicago and in other parts of the 
USA and the world. Using this information people can see what other programs are doing to help kids and they can
borrow ideas to that they can use in their own programs.

The list of Chicago area programs can be found at this link.

Open the links below to find information about other programs.

Arts Music based programs - click here

STEM focus - click here

e-Mentoring; e-Tutoring - click here

Youth as Leaders; service learning - click here

Programs beyond Chicago area - click here

International programs - click here

Intermediaries, networks, associations - click here

Program Locators/Directories - click here

Volunteer Recruitment platforms - click here


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