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The Tutor/Mentor Connection's Public Awareness Strategy is based on the marketing/advertising strategies used by big companies to draw customers to multiple locations in many states. Our quarterly event strategy has resulted in dozens of news stories in Chicago media since 1994. See these here.

T/MC does not have an advertising or Public Awareness budget.
Thus we look for other ways to create media and public attention. 



Vision: because of the work we do youth living in poverty today will be starting jobs and entering careers out of poverty by age 25

On TED.com rock music star Bono sets a goal of one million advocates and one billion page views, focusing on poverty in Africa. Our goal is to mobilize the same type of support, but to focus it on high poverty areas of inner city neighborhoods, using maps, and a Program Locator Database, to help volunteers, donors, parents and students connect with the programs which already operate in these areas, or to help build new programs in undeserved areas.

To achieve this goal, many people need to spread this message to people in their network, who become volunteers or donors. And many of these people need to spread the work in their own networks. The end result might be Bono or some other leader becoming a champion for tutor/mentor programs and the T/MC strategy . This chart illustrates the goal.

Tutor/Mentor Institute's Event Calendar

Our goal is to increase the number of stories that draw attention and resources to tutor/mentor programs in every poverty neighborhood using same strategies as advertisers for fast food, banks, lenders, TV shows.

To do this we've created an annual event/marketing plan that repeats from year-to-year.

Starting a volunteer volunteer-based tutor/mentor program is difficult, but is really the easiest part of the lessons we're sharing in the Tutor/Mentor Institute.  Sustaining a program and growing it into a great program, having a life changing impact on youth, as well as volunteers, is a long-term process.  Thus, leaders need to have a business plan for finding resources to fuel constant innovation and process improvement.

This calendar of events has been developed over the past 18 years as part of an effort to bring more attention and resources to volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs operating in Chicago and other cities.  We are still looking for partners/sponsors for 2013-14. Read more.

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