Chicago Area Tutor Mentor Programs

Chicago Area Volunteer-Based Tutor and/or Mentor Programs

Since 1993 we have collected and shared information about Chicago area, volunteer-based tutor and/or mentor programs that operate in the non-school hours.  The site where this information has been hosted is now being repaired so the list is temporarily available on this site.


The list was published in a printed directory from 1994 to 2003 then in an on-line directory since then.  We've attempted to show what areas each program serves, using maps and using list segmentation.

Click the links below to find programs in different sections of Chicago and its suburbs.




Chicago North

Chicago Central

Chicago South Central

Chicago South

College Access Tutor/Mentor Programs

Multiple Site & Community Based Tutor and/or Mentor Programs

School-Based Tutor and/or Mentor Programs

Chicago Suburbs (North, West, South) Includes Rest of Illinois, NW Indiana


Find links to additional youth serving organizations that focus on Arts, Music and/or STEM,
or that operate beyond the Chicago area. click here


If you find broken links or if you know of programs that should be added please contact Daniel Bassill of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

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Service Learning







Involvement of a volunteer in a tutor/mentor program is a form of Service-Learning.

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