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Mapping Network Growth

Know your network. Use your Network.

This graphic is part of an essay that you can read at this link.  It describes a need to share ideas from the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC with a growing number of people in Chicago and around the country if we are to achieve long-term success in connecting larger numbers of inner city K-12 youth with adult tutors/mentors through well-organized non-school and school-based tutor/mentor programs.

What is Network Analysis?
If you have not thought much about network analysis, or how networks of people need to work together to solve complex problems, the links below provide a path for your learning.

How does this impact youth?
If you would like to follow our progress in mapping and understanding the Tutor/Mentor Connection network which has grown since 1975 when founder Dan Bassill began his leadership of a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program in Chicago, follow the links below.

Understand Geographic Mapping, Too.
Tutor/Mentor Connection has piloted uses of GIS maps since 1994. See ideas here, here, and here.


Links to follow:
*  Social Network Analysis Workspace for Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and Tutor/Mentor Connection - here

* Collaboration and Community building articles - library

* Social Capital articles and research articles - Library

* Articles on Tutor/Mentor Blog. a) Network Building,b) Network Analysis c) Networking

* Talent needed to support this work - network map (this could be used as worksheet for any organization)

Work Done to Map Tutor/Mentor Connection Network Growth

* Tutor/Mentor Conference analysis - 2008-2009
* Maps showing Tutor/Mentor Conference participation
* Growth of Ning network from 2007-2012 - Intern project
* Building Networks of Purpose - Building Support
* Example of Network Analysis using Facebook Group . This also is an example of how SNA could demonstrate value of long-term tutor/mentor programs.
* Example2 of SNA of Facebook Group - looking at Social Entrepreneurs

New advances in network mapping - since 10/5/12
This is an interactive map showing participants of several Facebook groups that I'm part of. If you enter "Dan Bassill"  in the search box you can see where Dan is on the map and who he is connected with. http://www.q1000.ro/livingbridges/ Since Dan is founder and president of Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC this map shows people he is connecting with to share ideas and build support for volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and around the world.

Tutor/Mentor Institute YouTube Channel

Visit this Page on YouTube to see videos where we explain our ideas and talk about how mentoring transforms the lives of volunteers and youth who become part of well-organized, long-term tutor/mentor programs.

Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference

Join the Networking! Next Conference, Friday, May 8

Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conferences have been held in Chicago every six months since May 1994. The goal is to bring people together to network and share ideas, while increasing visibility and the flow of needed operating resources to all of the tutor/mentor programs in Chicago.  The graphic at the right can be seen in this animation. It illustrates the many different talents required to support involvement of youth and volunteers.

The next conference will be Friday, May 8, 2015 at the Metcalfe Federal Building, 77 W. Jackson, Chicago. Ill.  Workshop presentations are now being accepted.

Read more about the conference and tutor/mentor network building. Use this form to submit a workshop proposal.

See photos from past conferences.

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