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Recruiting Talent Volunteers
Recruiting Talent Volunteers

This animated presentation shows how volunteers grow more involved as they engage with youth in well organized tutor/mentor programs and how this leads them to enlist friends and family. We call this a "service learning loop" because it repeats every week. The project was created in 2011 by an intern from Korea.

Not everyone can be a one-on-one volunteer, yet many people can use their talent, time and dollars to help other people be one-on-one volunteers. This project shows how college and high school students, and volunteers in technology and advertising companies could be creating advertising and training material that support the growth of tutor/mentor programs in many locations.  To engage more members of your church or business in volunteerism, consider building a campaign to enlist the TALENT VOLUNTEER. Review this Recruiting Talent Volunteers pdf for ideas.

Review Make the Connection pdf to see how athletes and celebrities can help recruit volunteers and donors to support tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and other cities.

NEW: Volunteer Recruitment Advertising
Attached is a recruitment strategy that can be used by businesses, faith groups, social and civic groups to draw potential volunteers to the Program Locator on the T/MC web site. Please make an effort to get this placed in as many media spots as possible.

2008 Volunteer Recruitment Video created by Interns from IIT and Korea

Make your own volunteer recruitment video. Share it on your blog.


4-part strategy

The 4-part strategy of the Tutor/Mentor Connection is outlined in this concept map.  It shows that we aim to recruit leadership and communications teams in businesses, colleges, hospitals and civic/social organizations.  These teams will act as intermediaries, connecting people they know, to tutor/mentor programs, and to information related to where and why these programs are most needed.

The Lawyers Lending a Hand to Youth Program, sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association, is an example of what such teams can accomplish.


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