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May 2021 Tutor/Mentor eNews

May 2021 - Issue 200

Celebrate Tutor/Mentor Programs
For the past few weeks I've been seeing posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from various Chicago area youth tutor and/or mentor programs that invite people to participate in on-line year-end celebrations and that draw attention to program participants and graduates.

I point to a few of these in the graphics below and provide links to my lists of programs, so that you can visit their websites, join in the celebrations, and become a volunteer and/or donor to help them repeat this cycle again in the 2021-22 school year.
Use this newsletter as a study guide.

The ideas and resources shared in this monthly newsletter point to a library of resources that can be used by anyone, in Chicago, or around the world, to help mentor-rich youth programs thrive in all of the neighborhoods where they are most needed.

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Year-end celebrations
Below I show Twitter posts from Chicago Lights, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, Highsight and Bottom Line. These are just a few that I've seen from Chicago volunteer-based tutor and/or mentor programs who post regularly on Twitter.

I attended the Highsight event on Zoom. Others are still upcoming. Having led a tutor/mentor program with seniors graduating every year, I really appreciated the stories told by Highsight seniors and alumni.
See the Twitter list pointing to Chicago area programs Click here.

Visit @tutormentorteam on Twitter and scroll through my posts to see how I ReTweet announcements from many Chicago programs.

Chicago Tutor and/or Mentor Program Links Library updated

Currently there are 186 organizations listed in the web library I started building via the Tutor/Mentor Connection, back in 1994. Each year I open each link to make sure it is working, to try to see if the program is still operating, to update myself on the work being done and how the organization shares information on its websites. I just completed that process.

As I did this I created JPG images of the home pages of a few programs and shared these on Twitter, along with a link to the organization's website. This is part of the long-term strategy that I stated in 1993, aimed at increasing visibility for every tutor/mentor program in the region, with the goal of drawing a more consistent flow of dollars and volunteers to each program, based on the information they share on their websites.

I maintain three lists to help draw attention to Chicago area programs. The main one is on the Tutor/Mentor Connection website. Click here to view.
I also plot locations of these organizations on a map of Chicago, which you can find at this link.

I also host a list of the Facebook pages of most of these organizations - click here

And I host a list of Instagram pages - click here

Links to programs shown below: Chicago Scholars, Cluster Tutoring, Blessed Sacrament Youth Center, Tutoring Chicago.
More posts by Chicago programs on Twitter
Programs shown: Actuarial Foundation, Breakthrough, Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund, MapsCorps These are just a few of the youth tutor, mentor & learning programs serving Chicago.
Help Me Maintain and Share this Information
Anyone who has a computer can spend time viewing the lists of Chicago area tutoring and/or mentoring programs that I hosts.

That means individuals, or groups, could adopt sections of the city and suburbs, and build a deeper understanding of what programs exist and what they do. They could check my list for accuracy, or to tell me to add and/or delete or to fix broken links.

They can also create and share images to help build visibility and draw volunteers to programs.

You don't need to ask for permission. Just start doing it. I'll know you are taking this role from your email messages to me, and your posts on social media.
How Well Is USA Achieving the Global Goals? Poorly.
I watch several ZOOM events monthly. One using the hashtag #InTheRed provided information showing performance of every state in the USA against each of the 17 Global Goals. See data and view webinar on this website.

View blog articles where I point to several on-line events from the past month.
May 6 article - click here
April 1 article - click here

Does your city have someone doing what I do?
If not, borrow from my history and create your own
Tutor/Mentor Connection type strategy.

Below are resources to use to help youth in your community.
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Please help update this cMap and the links in the Tutor/Mentor web library. Just email me with additions or changes.
Chicagoland Resources & Announcements

* We Will Chicago - citywide planning initiative - click here

Future Leaders in Planning - CMAP Summer Programs Opportunity for Youth. Apply by June 11 - click here

* What is Wireless Industry Doing to Connect Kids? Learn from CITA website - click here

* Turning America's Digital Divide into Digital Dividends. Visit Digital Planet website. click here

* Philanthropy and Covid-19: Measuring One Year of Giving. IssueLab report. pdf. click here

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* Chicago Learning Exchange - click here

* Incarceration Reform Resource Center - click here

* ChiHackNight - remote civic technology meet-up; every Tuesday in Chicago - see weekly agenda
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