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Blogs by educators, fund raising experts, tutor/mentor programs, network builders, etc. -  Links Section of Tutor/Mentor Library

The links in this section of the library point to blogs written by educators, fund raising consultants, network builders,
tutor/mentor programs and others. They represent an on-going flow of ideas and offer opportunities to connect and
learn from others.  Many of the blog authors are also active on Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Facebook. 
The site where this information has beenhosted is now only available as an archive.

All of these are blogs articles that Dan Bassill, founder of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC (and this library) found useful
when he read them, so he added them to the library so others could read them, too.  While the library points to a
single article that may have been written several years ago, most blogs have many articles posted over many years.


This graphic visualized the goal that people from throughout

the USA and the world can be connecting regularly with each
other and sharing ideas that help each person constantly improve
what they do to help kids learn and move safely through school
into productive adult lives free from the grasps of poverty.

This graphic was created by Kevin Hodgson, who writes
a blog at https://dogtrax.edublogs.org/

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